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Radar is a full service Lender Service Provider.  We offer the following services a la carte or packaged to your lending institutions specific needs. 

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Closing Services Provided By Radar Include:


  • Review SBA Authorization or USDA Conditioned Commitment Letter for Compliance with Bank Approval

  • Prepare Closing Checklist in Compliance with Bank and SBA or USDA Requirements

  • Coordinate Change Request or Modifications with Bank and SBA or USDA if any

  • Coordinate with Borrower, Bank & Third Party Vendors including Title & Insurance Agents, Appraisers, Environmental Companies, Business Valuators, etc.

  • UCC Searches & Title Work

  • Preparation of Closing Documents

  • Coordinate Physical Closing/Documentation Signing

  • Coordinate Disbursement per Authorization

  • Pre-Closing Review of the Loan File and Documentation

  • Complete Closing File forwarded to Lender for Retention per SBA or USDA Requirements

  • Post-Closing file review by out internal auditor

  • Post-Closing Collection of Recorded/Filed Documentation and Final Title Policies, as applicable

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