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About Radar 

Radar, national lender service provider (LSP), was formed in 2010 to give lenders of all sizes and experience levels the ability to safely and successfully add government guaranteed loans to their array of small business products.
Government guaranteed loan products from the SBA and USDA not only require less capital to fund, they enable you to meet the financial needs of your customers while incurring much lower risk. Large and small lenders alike are hesitant to use the government programs because they lack the knowledge and expertise to ensure the guaranty offered by the government is properly obtained and, just as importantly, maintained throughout the life of the loan.

Who we are

Our President and Founder has more than 25 years of government guaranteed lending experience with some of the top lenders in the history of government guaranteed lending. Radar employs and contracts with experienced government guaranteed talent across the country. Our team of professionals are poised and ready to work hand -in-hand with your team to help you achieve your government guaranteed lending goals.

What we do

Underwriting Assistance
Experienced SBA/USDA Credit Analysists will work directly with you and your applicants to create a detailed analysis of the loan request in our compliant format.
Each Credit Memorandum is reviewed by Sr. Management prior to submission, to ensure high-quality analysis. Additionally, we provide analysis on changes impacting the credit worthiness of the loan request, up through the date of closing.
The SBA and USDA have very specific requirements for approval of your guaranteed loan request. Radar will work hand-in-hand with you and your applicant to make this process as efficient as possible. An incomplete loan application will not be reviewed for decision. Therefore, it is very important to provide as complete and detailed a loan package as you can to the SBA and USDA the first time through.
Closing & Disbursement
Loan Packagers can help lenders obtain an SBA or USDA approval, however a greater risk concern is at the time of Closing and Servicing the loan once approved. Incorrect loan closings account for the majority of guaranty repairs or denials. Inaccurately verifying the source of capital injected by borrower, failure to document the use of funds and inadequately securing all available collateral are among the chief reasons for SBA and USDA denial of guaranty. Radar uses experienced SBA and USDA Loan Processors and incorporates a pre-closing and post- closing review to ensure compliance with SBA or USDA requirements.
Post-Closing & Servicing
Maintenance of your SBA and USDA portfolio may differ from your conventional portfolio, and one should avoid inadvertent actions which might negatively impact your guaranty. Additionally, the monthly burden of 1502 reporting to the SBA or managing secondary market loans, can be very time consuming. Radar can help ease that process and ensure adherence to SBA requirements once the loan hits your books. We will be with you through the collection, workout and liquidation process to protect the SBA guaranty and CPC expense funds, should a borrower fail to perform.
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