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Radar is a full service national Lender Service Provider (LSP).  We offer the following services a la carte or packaged to your lending institutions specific needs. 

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Detailed Credit Analysis Includes:

Use of Proceeds analysis to ensure that funds are used for SBA or USDA eligible purposes.  



An accurate estimate of the funds required to close the proposed loan includes charges for:

  • SBA/USDA Guaranty Fee

  • SBA/USDA Packaging Fee

  • Appraisals, Business Valuations and Environmental Reports

  • Legal Fees, if applicable

  • Title Charges

  • Lien Searches and Filings

  • Construction Monitoring



Estimated value of collateral assets with the SBA’s advance rates determine whether the proposed loan is fully secured or requires additional collateral.



Each Credit Memorandum includes a detailed analysis of the eligibility of the proposed loan request.



Current operations of the business are detailed including:

  • Description of the business services or products offered

  • Revenue mix/seasonality/cyclicality/concentrations

  • Target markets

  • Competition and competitive advantages

  • Vision for the business


Packaging Services Provided by Radar Include:


  • Preparation of the SBA or USDA Application Documents including the lender forms

  • Assisting applicants to prepare projects, if applicable

  • Coordinating the signing of SBA or USDA Application Documentation

  • Uploading of Application Documentation for SBA Loan Applications

  • Submission of completed USDA Application Package to the respective state office

  • Address any and all SBA or USDA concerns and questions as needed

  • Prepare or review the SBA Authorization according to the lender approval as needed

  • Review the USDA Conditional Commitment Letter according to the lender’s approval requirements


Closing Services Provided By Radar Include:


  • Review SBA Authorization or USDA Conditioned Commitment Letter for Compliance with Bank Approval

  • Prepare Closing Checklist in Compliance with Bank and SBA or USDA Requirements

  • Coordinate Change Request or Modifications with Bank and SBA or USDA if any

  • Coordinate with Borrower, Bank & Third Party Vendors including Title & Insurance Agents, Appraisers, Environmental Companies, Business Valuators, etc.

  • UCC Searches & Title Work

  • Preparation of Closing Documents

  • Coordinate Physical Closing/Documentation Signing

  • Coordinate Disbursement per Authorization

  • Pre-Closing Review of the Loan File and Documentation

  • Complete Closing File forwarded to Lender for Retention per SBA or USDA Requirements

  • Post-Closing file review by out internal auditor

  • Post-Closing Collection of Recorded/Filed Documentation and Final Title Policies, as applicable


Post-Closing Services Provided By Radar Include:


  • Post-Closing Review and set up of Ticklers for all Insurances and Financial Statements

  • Coordination of Construction Inspections and Draws

  • Collection of all Insurances as required by the Loan Authorization

  • Collection of Annual Financial Information

  • Financial Analysis of Annual Financial Statements

  • Sale of Guarantee in Secondary Market if requested and all associated paperwork Coordination with Lender’s Loan Operations to settle the Loan Sale

  • Post-Closing Paperwork to SBA or USDA

  • Colson Reporting

    • Initial

    • Ongoing

  • Payment Allocation and reconciliation

  • Coordination of the payment of the on-going SBA Fee Compliance Monitoring

  • Collection Activities

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