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SBA – The Next Generation

Back-room staff is in short supply. It’s becoming too expensive to man an SBA operation with experienced Underwriters and Closers. How do we meet the increased demand without burying or burning out our staff? We’ve improved technology! We’ve analyzed and tested new processes! We’ve changed team responsibilities to get more out of people! All of these have their limits. At some point we must add bodies. We need to strike a balance of old and new blood to continue to grow.

It’s time for us to develop the next generation of SBA lenders! Bringing in fresh, shiny new faces makes more sense for our SBA shop than hiring someone at a high salary that may or may not have the experience they said they had or is so used to their way of doing things it makes the transition so much more difficult. Hiring unblemished staff allows us to evaluate talent at a much less expensive rate and train the good ones to fit our system. Developing our own Underwriters, Closers and Portfolio Reps enables us to build a stronger team where we can best use the skill set of our teammates.

Training is the key for success! Making time for training is the challenge. We’re not large enough to have a training department, so one or more members of our team must find the time to train incoming staff. This adds stress to our system, but it will payoff in time. Muscle growth occurs when the fibers of the muscles sustain damage or injury. The body repairs damaged fibers by fusing them, which increases the mass and size of the muscles. The additional strain felt during training help build muscle for the team resulting in a stronger team!


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