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Personnel Announcements

We are pleased to announce the following personnel changes that have occurred recently within Radar Lender Services. Maysa Guthrie and Felica Foerster have made such an impact in their time with Radar as temps brought in to assist with the PPP Forgiveness applications that we have brought them on full time.  Maysa & Felica will complete the Forgiveness processing and as time allows they will convert over full time to other responsibilities within Radar.  Maysa will work with the Servicing Team to assist in Servicing Actions, Insurance collection and tracking, payment processing and 1502 reporting.  Felica will work with the Credit Team assisting with new loan processing.  We are very excited to have found these two intelligent, hard-working and positive minded people to add to our team! Tylee Webber joined Radar recently as our Vice President, Loan Processing Manager.  Tylee comes to Radar with extensive SBA and Bank experience with lenders such as National City Bank, Salin Bank, First Internet Bank and Newtek Small Business Lending.  Her experience will help Radar continue to improve our loan closing processes and strengthen our commitment to protecting the guarantees of the lenders we serve.  Tylee is hard at work on new loans as she works to add experienced Closers to our team.  Tylee is incredibly knowledgeable about the SBA requirements and enthusiastic about helping borrowers navigate those, sometimes frustrating, requirements quicker so they can get to business. We are thrilled Tylee has joined the Radar team! Deadrick Taylor has been with Radar for almost five years.  He has diligently managed the Servicing & Liquidation team for that period of time and has done a terrific job in navigating the ever changing PPP loan payment and reporting processes.  Deadrick’s dedication to protecting our lender partner’s portfolios is paramount to our continued success.  Effective immediately Deadrick’s position will be elevated to Senior Vice President, SBA Portfolio Director.  Michele Gershom has been with Radar for more than five years now and has performed a multitude of duties during that time.  Michele’s contribution during the PPP rush was invaluable, all while counting the days to the birth of her first child.  Effective immediately Michele will take on the role of Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer of Radar.  Michele’s ability to adapt to differing responsibilities make her duly qualified to take on this role.  She will continue to oversee the payment processing and 1502 reporting.  Michele’s new responsibilities will become more defined as Radar workflow expectations and budget is completed. Please join us in welcoming our new teammates and congratulating Deadrick and Michele on their new positions.


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