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Radar is a full service Lender Service Provider.  We offer the following services a la carte or packaged to your lending institutions specific needs. 

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Post-Closing Services Provided By Radar Include:


  • Post-Closing Review and set up of Ticklers for all Insurances and Financial Statements

  • Coordination of Construction Inspections and Draws

  • Collection of all Insurances as required by the Loan Authorization

  • Collection of Annual Financial Information

  • Financial Analysis of Annual Financial Statements

  • Sale of Guarantee in Secondary Market if requested and all associated paperwork Coordination with Lender’s Loan Operations to settle the Loan Sale

  • Post-Closing Paperwork to SBA or USDA

  • Colson Reporting

    • Initial

    • Ongoing

  • Payment Allocation and reconciliation

  • Coordination of the payment of the on-going SBA Fee Compliance Monitoring

  • Collection Activities

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